Domain Competence

We have experience working in multiple domains and fulfilling complex client requirements. Below are some of the domains we have extensively worked in:


We have vast experience working on healthcare projects based out of USA. We have been involved in developing web based healthcare products for US states & carriers to meet the crteria laid down by the recent healthcare reforms. The recent healthcare reforms mandated all US states to provide health insurance to their citizens. The products are currently live for several US states & carriers.


We have experience in building complex e-commerce solutions. We have been building store front, shopping cart, order summary, billing, admin modules, payment gateway integration, gift cards/vouchers and discounts. We have built solutions with complex features like bulk product upload and scheduled jobs. We can build secure solutions with multiple roles and permissions.


We have been working on e-learning project. We have built interactive web based learning modules containing powerpoint presentations, video training materials and other downloadable study materials. We have also worked on complex functionality like synchronizing video & page/ppt contents, generating topic/subject wise test papers with random questions.


We are working on project that aims at simplifying management of social gathering. Unique in the industry, working with leading bid organizers and jewellers in the city, the product offers multiple wallets such as Kitty and Committee via easy and basic to use web/mobile application. It is designed and is customizable to suit the needs of a regular member and the administrator.

and many more...